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Digital Moment - Sinisa Aleksa

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Sinisa Aleksa’s Digital Moment | Unified Communications

Mohawk College is currently piloting a Unified Communications (UC) project soon to be rolled out to all departments. UC refers to the standardization and integration of services such as instant messaging, voice and video calling, virtual meetings, classrooms, collaboration channels, and content sharing. Mohawk’s Unified Communications platform is Microsoft Teams.  

“I volunteered to participate in the UC pilot earlier this year to better understand the benefits and experience all Mohawk College employees will soon have. The migration to Microsoft Teams was smooth. There was very little for me to do except to explore all of the new features. I am enjoying the seamless user experience and being able to access email, chat, and meetings across my multiple devices. All my information is synchronized, so I can truly stay connected, engaged, and informed anywhere and on any device. Further, Teams provides a host of new chat, calling, email, and calendar notifications (which I can customize) to continuously keep me organized and informed.”  

“As Chief Information Officer, I am thrilled with our approach to Unified Communications. This project will ensure employees have access to the standard technology, tools and resources they need to succeed in our flexible working and teaching environments for years to come.”
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