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Fall 2022 start-up deadlines

Marketing, Creative Services and Print Shop

Fall start up is a key time at Mohawk with lots of preparation needed to welcome our new and returning students. Marketing and Creative Services has set the following guidelines to allow sufficient time to create, produce or fulfil the variety of college-wide needs and requests.

Type of requestProduction time*Request byHow to request
Internal TV screenFour weeks prior to posting dateAugust 5, 2022Welcome Request
Wall vinylTen weeksJune 24, 2022Welcome Request
Design and print of posters, flyers, postcards, etc.Five weeksJuly 29, 2022Welcome Request
Print-ready posters, flyers, postcards, etc.Four weeksAugust 5, 2022Welcome Request
Brochures (multi page: reports, proposals, reports, etc.)Six weeksJuly 22, 2022Welcome Request
Pop-up banners, solo units (new or reskin)Eight weeks prior to when you need it deliveredJuly 8, 2022Welcome Request
Large-scale website changes, updatesSix weeks prior to launch dateJuly 22, 2022Welcome Request
Social media postsFour weeks prior to posting dateAugust 5, 2022Welcome Request

Five weeks prior to sending date

CASL review may be needed, please plan accordingly, read more

July 29, 2018Email Request
Business CardsPlease allow 4 weeksAugust 5, 2022Welcome Request
OtherContact Marketing for lead time  

*Production time can vary depending on the other priorities, but every effort will be made to achieve your timeline. See details about urgent requests below.

Did you know…

Welcome, Marketing and Creative Service’s work request platform, has a website where Mohawk employees can view the status of their requests and provide comments on artwork and content.

Follow these steps to access the Welcome platform:

1.   Visit accounts.welcomesoftware.com/login

2.   Enter your Mohawk College email address and click “Continue”.

3.   You will then be directed to the Mohawk College single sign-on (SSO) page.

4.   Once you have signed in you can view your work requests in progress or submit a new request.

Questions or urgent requests?

Please reach out to Cindy LeBlanc (cindy.leblanc2@mohawkcollege.ca or ext. 4775) Monday to Friday, or Phil Van (phil.van@mohawkcollege.ca ext. 4594) Wednesday-Friday.