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2021 September Start-Up Deadlines from Marketing

To prepare for start-up this September the following deadlines have been established for on-campus signage, print and digital collateral, and other marketing and communication needs.  

COVID related health and safety signage  

Please review the direction for signage requests required for installation for Fall 2021. 

  1. For signage requests that have been identified as a requirement under your area’s Health Risk Assessment, please visit the Return to Campus Signage portal located in the Access to Campus section of the Employee Resources – COVID-19 page on MyMohawk. 

  2. Special signage requests not covered under the Return to Campus Signage portal must be submitted by August 1, 2021 through a Marketing Service Request to be installed for September. All signage requests will be reviewed and prioritized as they are received.  

Staff are encouraged to review the various service-related signage templates available within Return to Campus Signage in MyMohawk. These easy-to-use templates are available for all staff to download, print and install. 


Non-COVID marketing and communication materials 

The dates below allow time for: 

  • Clarification of needs and requirements, if applicable 

  • Design, review, revisions and final approval 

  • Accessibility remediation, if applicable 

  • Printing, delivery or other production with external suppliers, if applicable  

Type of request 


Details, how to request 

Banner units (solo or retractable models, new or reskinned, exterior flag signs) 

Contact us 


Contact Cindy Leblanc 


Integrated marketing and/or communication campaigns 

July 30, 2021 

Contact Samara Young 

Digital collateral (PDF, documents) 

July 30, 2021 

Zendesk ticket  

Printed collateral (bookmarks, postcards, flyers, etc.) 

July 30, 2021 

Zendesk ticket  

TV screens 


Messaging on TV screens will focus on COVID safety protocols and other essential college messaging.  

Website or MyMohawk changes  

July 30, 2021 

When possible, please have the editor for your area complete changes. 


Zendesk ticket: website change or new page 


Zendesk ticket: MyMohawk change 

Social media artwork and/or posting/sharing  

August 6, 2021 

Zendesk ticket: posting or sharing  


Contact us 

Contact Cindy Leblanc  


Please reach out to Cindy LeBlanc, Marketing Traffic Coordinator at cindy.leblanc2@mohawkcollege.ca or ext. 4775.  

Helpful Tip 

Did you know that Zendesk has an online view for college employees? Signing in allows you to see all your tickets in one place. To gain access and setup your password, follow the four steps below:  

1. Create your password here 

2. Click the grey “Sign in” button, top right 

3. From new pop-up box, near the bottom, select “Get a password” 

4. Enter your Mohawk email in the final pop-up box and “Submit”