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A New Year’s Learning Challenge!

LinkedIn Learning Challenge

Happy New Year! A new year is an opportunity for new beginnings and new learning. Join the new monthly LinkedIn Learning Challenge! With only 5 minutes of learning per day, you can continue your personal and professional development around your busy schedule.

What is the LinkedIn Learning Challenge?
A new micro-learning program designed to support ongoing professional development around your busy schedule. Each month will focus on a different theme with daily learning tasks taking only 5 minutes to complete.

The theme for January 2021 is: A New Year’s Learning Challenge – Setting Goals and Staying on Track!

How to get started
Click on the link
LinkedIn Learning Challenge - January 2021 to open the January 2021 Learning Calendar. Complete each daily tasks using the worksheet document to track your learning.

Coming soon in February: Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellness

Happy Learning!

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