22:42 PM

Accessible media training now available through Marketing.


In October 2021 Mohawk College’s Marketing department onboarded Christina Babcock in the new AODA Digital and Document Accessibility Specialist position. Christina can provide accessibility guidance, coordination and technical support to ensure that public-facing documents and digital content, including Microsoft files, PDFs, videos and photos, adhere to AODA legislated requirements. Christina will be offering small group and 1:1 training sessions on how to create accessible PDF and Microsoft documents, and will be developing templates, resources and guides for employees.

Employees can register for upcoming training, including the Creating Accessible Documents: Word session on Thursday, March 24, through the Professional Development calendar.

Christina is a graduate of Mohawk College’s Accessible Media Production Graduate Certificate program and brings a wide range of experience to the role. Questions? Email Christina at christina.babcock1@mohawkcollege.ca.