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Alumni Nine & Dine - All Fore Golf?

nine and dine

I have never been a golfer; I could count on both hands how many times I have golfed. But the Alumni Nine and Dine would make up 4 of the 10 times. It is a golf game, even for non golfers. And it paid off; I had a 15-foot putt that helped us hit the top team at this year's annual Nine and Dine. And I am not the only one that comes out to reminisce, laugh and yell fore, OK, maybe not that last part.

"Even though golf isn't for everyone, the format makes it fun to try, even as a once-a-year golfer. It is just terrific, and you can enjoy catching up with teammates during golf and college mates at the dinner. For Alumni to get together, play 9 holes, and enjoy breaking bread together is a fantastic opportunity to stay connected. A 4 o'clock tee-off is perfect if you're still working a full day. Thanks to the Alumni Team for putting together a top-notch event, and I will see you next year", Steve Marsh, Alumni of Distinction 2012, Law & Security Administration, 1981

It was great to see Steve; we met in 2012 when we both received an Alumni of Distinction and have stayed in touch since, seeing each other at various events.  The Alumni Association is that link, and as many of you already know Wendy Makey and her team do an amazing job connecting grads back to the college.  Since 2005 Alumni have been hitting the golf course to support Alumni initiatives.  And since 2017 it has been the Nine and Dine.Nine and Dine 3

“It’s really a reunion in a way for many of our graduates. It was a sold out crowd of alumni, employees and friends of Mohawk College at Flamborough Hills Golf Club.  The format enables golfers of all skill levels to enjoy an afternoon of networking and reconnecting.  Our participants return year after year for this fun filled event as a means of keeping engaged with Mohawk and fellow alumni. We have been so fortunate to have over 4500 alumni giving their time talent and treasure to Mohawk College.  Coming back as class speakers, mentors, or as part of a Program Advisor Council (PACS). These are essential ways to help support and shape students' experiences. ” Wendy Makey, Director, Alumni Relations.

For the past decade, I have been a member on and off, mainly on, of the Alumni Advisory Council, and I quickly realized the importance of having an engaged alumni community. Engagement leads to lifelong alumni relationships. Nine and Dine 2 2023

As Coordinator of Communications and Digital Content, I meet such amazing and dedicated people within the college, like Jaime Bennett.  

"The Alumni Nine and Dine is a great way to connect with colleagues outside the office. We all have stories from our time as students to share, and it is great to get caught up. If you haven't participated yet, add it to your calendar for next year." Jaime Bennett, Development Officer, The Mohawk College Foundation.

Spread the word, sign up early and get connecting.

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