22:23 PM

An open letter to the Mohawk College community





To the Mohawk College Community:

Following yesterday’s verdict in the trial in Minneapolis for the murder of George Floyd, I’d like to say again that Mohawk College stands in solidarity with Black Canadians who experience racism as a part of daily life.

The verdict in that case has been dominating world news and many peoples’ thoughts. While a verdict in a foreign country with a different justice system doesn’t affect us in a practical way, we are emotionally connected and it keeps an important issue at the forefront of our minds.

We know that real change needs to take place in Canada, and at Mohawk College, too. While we watched the trial to see if justice would be served in an American criminal case, we have been reminded that true justice will only be achieved for everyone if structural changes are made everywhere.

This is an opportunity for us to keep our conversation going. It is also an opportunity for us to renew our support for change in our college community.

We will not lose sight of our commitment to providing an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment for Black Canadians, Asian Canadians, Indigenous people, vulnerable people and everyone who has been pushed to the margins of society. We will instill those values in our students and employees, and our community.

Let’s all consider this moment an opportunity to make real, transformational changes in our lives, both personally, and as a college. Together, we must build a community that will not tolerate discrimination in any form.


Ron J. McKerlie

President & CEO