14:22 PM

Call for proposals: Student Leader Conference


From the department that brought you, MOHAWK X: Student Leader Conference, comes MOHAWK X: Student Leadership Games, a week-long interactive leadership event, where students work in teams to enhance their leadership skills and win the games.  

Student Life needs your help in bringing this project to life this March! We are currently recruiting staff and faculty facilitators to plan short (30-min) sessions that teach students a skill through an interactive or gamified session.  

Session proposals should fit one of the following three categories:  

  1. Adulting 101 

Teach students a life skill that they can use in their adult lives outside of college. E.g. How to Chop an Onion 16 Different Ways, Meal Prepping on a Budget, Upcycling Old Clothes, etc.

  1. A Good Day to Learn Hard 

Teach students a tangible “hard” skill. E.g. 20-Minute Journal/Agenda Organization, Excel Blitz, Media Literacy in Today’s World, Navigating Social Justice Issues, etc.

  1. Professional Glamazon Realness

Teach students a “soft”, 21st century skill that will enhance their academic learning and prepare them to be Future Ready professionals. E.g. Presentation Skills, Virtual Networking, Getting LinkedIn Ready, etc. 

Ready to jump on board? Apply to be a MOHAWK X facilitator today. Session proposals are due Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021.