21:07 PM

Can digital twins be used to create safer campuses?

How can architecture and engineering professionals, project managers and facility service providers continue work during pandemic and protest while schools look to re-open to a new reality?

Mohawk researcher and professor will be joining a panel of experts to share his experiences with using innovative technology to create a digital twin (or digital replica) of the Mohawk College campus.

On September 16, at 1:30pm EST, join Visual Plan Security & Facility Management CEO Kelly Watt in a discussion with Engineering Professor Richard Borger from Mohawk College and Mark Scott from Ohio State University to discuss the use of Digital Twins to support efficient operation and response during campus gatherings and pandemics.

Richard teaches new innovative 3D Visualization technologies including drones, lidar, 360 imagery and other sensors. Recently, Richard and a student took on the project of capturing their entire campus to share with various departments, stakeholders and first responders.

Register for the webinar: https://bit.ly/2DVer6C