21:08 PM

CCCM, Playhouse Cinema partner to screen "2040"

Q&A with the producer to follow event

Ever wonder what the world could look like in the year 2040? Watch as Damon Gameau meets with innovators and changemakers around the world who are addressing the concerns of climate change. He shows us what the world could be if we were to embrace the solutions and technology that currently exist. His goal? To shine light on the future that we can build for our children.

The Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk College has 500 passes for exclusive access to watch the film, 2040. You can watch the trailer, here.

If interested, we ask that you register here and you will receive a link to access the film, free of charge.

Then on June 24, join the Centre for a live Q&A with Australian producer Damon Gameau. Through a live webinar, we invite you to tune in to learn more about the film and Damon’s journey, as well as hearing his answers to many questions from the audience.

To learn more about the film, you can access the fillm website at www.whatsyour2040.com.