18:27 PM

Centre for Entrepreneurship launches during Global Entrepreneurship Week

Weeklong program planned to support entrepreneurial spirit

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 is being marked at Mohawk College with the launch of The Centre for Entrepreneurship, in response to increasing demand for education and training by a growing number of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is November 16-22 this year. During that week, Mohawk is launching the Centre for Entrepreneurship, building on the existing stand-alone student experiential learning hubs (SURGE, the Agency, and the Collective). With these areas collected under one umbrella, The Centre for Entrepreneurship will introduce a number of new programs that will impact students, alumni, and the community, in response to the demand for training for new entrepreneurs.

“We are grateful for the support of Mohawk’s leadership for the establishment of a Centre dedicated to promoting the growing entrepreneurial spirit that has developed at the college and throughout the community,” says Ryan Anderson, General Manager, Centre for Entrepreneurship. “Working together, we look forward to engaging more students, more alumni and more local businesses in exciting new ways.”

This year, despite having fewer students enrolled at the college and remote and virtual learning keeping students from gathering, the number of students engaged at SURGE, Mohawk’s student entrepreneurial hub, has doubled. It’s a trend that has been building for a number of years – and the pandemic hasn’t slowed it down. The new Centre for Entrepreneurship is going to open up many more programs and opportunities for education and collaboration for students, for members of the public and for local businesses.

In its first official week, The Centre will mark Global Entrepreneurship Week with a week-long awareness campaign around entrepreneurship. The goal is to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship week at the college, highlighting Mohawk alumni entrepreneurs through social media and radio interviews on The Hawk.

Each day will offer social media posts related to a specific theme: Getting Started; The Art of Failure; The Importance of Mentorship; The Impact of Mohawk; and How the Centre for Entrepreneurship Can Help.

Look for posts in Mohawk social media channels and listen to The Hawk for highlights through the week.