17:24 PM

Change to Mohawk College Brand Font

Following a review of Mohawk’s brand guidelines, the college will be retiring Avenir and adopting Verdana as its brand font for all communication (e.g. Email, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations) and marketing (e.g. advertising, promotion, collateral). The college website and MyMohawk portal will also be updated to use Verdana.

Verdana was selected based on the following considerations:

  • Accessibility – Verdana is one of the most accessible fonts, with built-in features that enhance legibility.
  • Aesthetics and Consistency – Verdana is similar in appearance to Avenir, with a clean, bold, modern look, and Verdana can be used across all mediums, including digital, print and web.
  • Usage and cost – Verdana is an open source font that is included on all computers and therefore represents an annual cost savings for the College.

The Mohawk College logo and sub-brand logos will not change.

Avenir will be removed from college computers starting Monday, March 2, 2020. If you have a document that used Avenir and are experiencing difficulties converting it to Verdana, please reach out to Marketing for help.

Thank you for your support during this transition toward making Mohawk College an even more inclusive place to learn and work.


Can I still use material that used Avenir such as business cards or pop-up banners?

Yes, existing material created that uses Avenir may be used. When material needs to be updated the font will be changed at that time.

How do I change my font in Outlook?

Visit this resource for help changing your default font in Outlook.

Where can I find updated templates using Verdana?Powerpoint templates, as well as campus letterhead and the CASL compliant email footer are available in the “Logo and Brand” section on the Employee tab in MyMohawk.

How do I get help editing a document that used Avenir?Please submit a Zendesk ticket with Marketing and attach the document.