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Check out the Fall 2020 edition of Momentum Magazine

Check out the Fall 2020 edition of Momentum Magazine.

This issue focuses on partnerships and the unique ways that partnerships support our students, our community and the economy, not just locally, but countrywide. Some of the partner-focused stories you will read in this issue include a look at the collaboration between Mohawk and McMaster in many areas of study; how IBM supported Mohawk and our students during the onset of the pandemic; how our teams have embraced equity, diversity and inclusion in research by committing to Canada’s Dimension Charter; and the pan-Canadian group of colleges that have come together to support economic recovery and training through a climate action lens.

Read the Issuu version: https://issuu.com/mohawkcollege/docs/momentumfall2020

You can also find the individual stories on our Momentum Magazine page on Mohawk News Desk: https://www.mohawknewsdesk.ca/?h=1&t=momentum