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College Quality Assurance Audit Process | 2024


Mohawk College’s commitment to providing students with a quality education is getting a third party review this spring as part of the College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP).

CQAAP is an opportunity to validate and showcase the commitment and hard work of our faculty and staff in making sure every student gets a quality education at Mohawk College. The audit will assess the quality of our academic delivery throughout the program lifecycle, from development, to program review and delivery, as well as broader quality assurance measures across all of our services and supports for students and employees. All 24 public colleges in Ontario are audited once every five years. Mohawk College was last audited in 2019.

Work is already underway to prepare for a two-day virtual site visit by CQAAP auditors this June. The self-study report that precedes the site visit will be sent to the auditors in March, and a formal report from the auditors is expected by September. The college will use the formal report to create a plan to address any gaps identified by the auditors before the next audit, expected to take place in 2029.

During the virtual site visit, the auditors will meet with students, faculty, graduates, student services staff, and heads of academic and service areas, as well as the Board of Governors. Seven academic programs have been selected as examples to illustrate our commitment to quality assurance. These programs will be highlighted in both the self-study narrative and during the site visit.

The project manager for audit is Lorraine McKellar, Manager, Academic Special Projects. Please contact Lorraine if you have any questions about the audit or your area’s involvement in it. She can be reached by email at lorraine.mckellar@mohawkcollege.ca, or by phone at ext. 905-575-2478.

Today, we are also launching our CQAAP video series. These videos were developed to help explain the audit process and provide a high-level overview of each standard and the college’s response. The first video is the CQAAP Introductory video.  Please click here to view the video.  

Over the coming weeks, the videos will be promoted in Inside Mohawk. The videos and more information on the standards and associated requirements for the CQAAP audit can also be found on this following webpage, click here

Thank you for your dedication to quality assurance, and your engagement within the process.