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Coming this Fall... Symplicity Accommodate







New this Fall... Symplicity Accommodate
A new system for managing Accommodation Letters and Accommodated Test Bookings

The Enterprise Systems Strategy (ESS) program, in collaboration with Accessible Learning Services (ALS) and the Mohawk Testing Centre, is excited to announce the launch of Simplicity Accommodate as of September 1st 2021.

The new system is a web-based platform to service faculty, staff and registered students with accommodations. Faculty will soon be able to access Accommodate to view accommodation letters and review alternative test booking requests. Access to this system will be available through MyMohawk to all students who are registered with the Accessible Learning Services office as well as to all faculty members.

Accommodate brings many benefits to our college community. Some features that will benefit Faculty include:

  • 24-hour secure access to student accommodations through Accommodate
  • Students send notification of Accommodation Letters to faculty directly through the portal
  • Accommodation letters will no longer be sent by email keeping faculty email inboxes clear
  • Accommodations will be listed under each student by course for easy retrieval
  • If a hard copy of a student’s accommodations is preferred, faculty have the ability to print a list of students in each of his/her classes in Accommodate  
  • Review and approve alternative test booking requests
  • Securely send a copy of an exam for an accommodated test to the testing centre

For more updates and how-to guides, visit https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/accessible-learning-services/accommodate-instructions-for-faculty

Join us for an information session to learn more about Accommodate including: how to log in, view, save and print Accommodation Letters, general navigation and quick tips. To register, visit the Events Calendar in MyLearning.

To access the Accommodate Faculty Portal through MyMohawk, visit  mymohawk.mohawkcollege.ca, Faculty tab / Online Accommodation Guides for Faculty / Accommodate Faculty Portal .

Got questions? Contact Toby Merritt (toby.merritt@mohawkcollege.ca) or Hetal Patel (hetal.patel@mohawkcollege.ca)







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