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Hayley Hudson’s Digital Moment | Accommodate


Accommodate is an online portal that supports students with their learning accessibility requests. Students use the portal to connect with Accessible Learning Services (ALS) to book appointments, request Accommodation Letters, Accommodated Tests, and share important information with their professors

My name is Hayley Hudson, and I'm a professor in the Department of Liberal Studies and teach in Continuing Education. In my experience using the Accommodate Portal, I believe it is a tool that fosters inclusivity and contributes to accessible education. 
Accommodate is a platform that helps students share accommodations for their courses, and faculty can also access any test bookings that have been submitted. Another key benefit is that it enhances the transition period in our spring and summer semesters when faculty share courses. Students only need to submit their accommodation letters once for a course which is shared with both professors delivering the same course. This leads to a better experience for the student and faculty by saving time and ensuring ongoing support for the student.

As an educator, I have a passion for teaching through a social justice lens and creating a positive learning environment that aims to empower students and support their journey towards academic success. I believe the Accommodate Portal is a way to utilize technology to empower our students and support one's academic journey.  
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