21:08 PM

Qnomy Digital Moment - by Carly Moore Gacnik


Q-nomy is an online queueing and appointment booking system used by students to access various services and support in The Square.  The system was recently upgraded as part  of Mohawk College's Enterprise Systems Strategy. 

I’ve been with Mohawk College as a Student Service Representative  - Lead (SSR) since 2018. As an SSR, I’m the first point of contact for students with general inquiries related to payments, continuing education registration, other registration inquiries, recognized name changes, etc. Qnomy was already in place when I joined Mohawk but with limited functionalities for walk-in appointments only.  When the Fennel campus closed due to the pandemic, we stopped using Qnomy. With the recent upgrades, my colleagues and I use it daily to connect with and support students with their inquiries.  The system helps categorize students based on their needs and allows them to be prioritized based on walk-in versus online booking to speak with a specific department. Students have shared positive feedback as the system is very user friendly and enables many self-serve functionalities. Anyone that worked on campus prior to the pandemic can recall the sometimes long lines at The Square. As we prepare for more students to return in the Fall, I feel more confident in my ability to support students better and faster with a tool such as Qnomy.  

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