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Digital Moments - MyCreds™

Digital Moment – MyCreds™

Earlier this year Mohawk College launched MyCreds™, a virtual platform that can issue and share verified digital academic documents. Mohawk College has issued digital credentials to the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 graduates. To date, 4,023 digital credentials have been issued with 20% of alumni accessing their credentials through the platform. In this Digital Moment, three staff members share their thoughts on MyCreds:

Staff Testimonials


“MyCreds has streamlined and automated the process for issuing credentials. This means that staff are able to divert their efforts to other value-add tasks and better support students and graduates. We are working on adding additional graduation-related documents including the President’s Letter - issued to Honours graduates, and the Clear to Graduate letter -  issued to potential graduates needing proof of completion before an official credential is conferred at the convocation ceremony. The more documents we add to the platform, the greater the benefits to students and staff.” Mirela Vujcic, Coordinator, Registration and Convocation.


David R

“Prior to MyCreds, students only received a paper copy of their credentials.  If a student required a replacement, they would have to request it, wait for processing and mailing. Now, students are able to access and share their credentials almost instantaneously. We have plans to include additional registrarial documents in the future including transcripts and verifications of attendance.” David Ragona, Manager of Registration and Scheduling.


Lina B“The launch of MyCreds is a highly anticipated moment for our students, and we are thrilled that it is now live and available to them. Since Mohawk College first signed on as a pilot school in 2020, we have been working tirelessly towards this goal. The availability of MyCreds is a testament to our commitment to our strategic division goals and our unwavering dedication to providing the best possible experience for our students.” Lina Bombardieri, Director of Enrolment Services and Systems.


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