19:03 PM

Don't Forget - EDI Training


Better your knowledge and understanding of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  Three courses are being offered this winter.  Don’t miss out, sign up today.

EDI Course 1: Equity Diversity and Inclusion 101

In this session, you will become acquainted with the terminology associated with equity, diversity and inclusion work.  Participants have an opportunity to consider their own personal identities and how those impact and are impacted by working at Mohawk College.

EDI Course 2: Inclusion at Mohawk

This course provides an understanding of the ways in which Mohawk College has advanced along the continuum of inclusion as an organization. Participants will consider Mohawk’s current and future commitments to equity and inclusion, and their responsibilities therein. 

EDI Course 3: Looking Inward

The goal of the session is to provide participants an opportunity to consider the biases that they bring to bear on the work that they do, the ways their own identities impact them in different contexts at work, and the strategies they can employ to mitigate their own biases and those they have to confront, within their own sphere of control. 

Please view the events calendar or use the Learning Search to find the sessions in the system.