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Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 Weekly Highlights

Below are a few highlights from this week's Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 update! To review more resources, supports and training recommendations, please visit the Employee Resources - COVID-19 page on MyMohawk.

Health and Wellness

Looking For a Stress-Soothing Craft? Try an Old One: Paint by Numbers

“These activities can take your mind off stressors, which tracks with what’s going on in the world between covid and all the political and social justice upheaval,” says Margaret Carlock Russo, president of the American Art Therapy Association. “Engaging in a creative process, even when it’s just following directions, can help manage anxiety,” she says.

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Working from Home

Your To-Do List Is, in Fact, Too Long

If you give yourself a moment of contemplation, you’ll know what’s most important. If you’re really not sure, look at your list and ask yourself what you’re avoiding. That’s probably your most important thing. Your next one thing.

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Family and Social Connections

5 Ways to Build a More Representative Playroom

Being deliberate in the toys and games you choose for your kids to play with at an early age will have long term payoff.






Leading in Times of Change and Uncertainty

5 Powerful Ways to Take REAL Action on DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

People need new ways to think about and talk about diversity. Leaders need new skills to enable equity and inclusion in the workplace. And organizations need scalable ways to ensure that their diversity & inclusion initiatives avoid common mistakes and are solid and sustainable.