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Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 Weekly Highlights

Below are a few highlights from this week's Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 update! To review more resources, supports and training recommendations, please visit the Employee Resources - COVID-19 page on MyMohawk.

Health and Wellness

How to Find Refreshment Without A Vacation

Walking through seasons of change and transition is hard. This summer, you're craving some much needed time to rest and refocus for the second half of 2020—and maybe while getting a little change of scenery! A vacation sounds so good right about now, doesn't it?

This summer might not be what you imagined. With the ongoing travel restrictions, many of us aren’t able to travel like normal. But, just because you might be home doesn’t mean you can’t take a mini-vacation and get some much-needed refreshment right where you are!

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Working From Home

5 Ways to Enhance Your Work Schedule

By working when you naturally have more energy, focus, and alertness, you’re setting yourself up to be a more productive professional.

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Family and Social Connections

39 Great Indigenous Stories to Read and Share With Your Kids

From beautiful board books to compelling tales to trenchant reads, here are great stories about Indigenous culture and issues to add to your bookshelf.

Leading in Times of Change and Uncertainty

The Most Important Leadership Quality Today and How You Can Develop It

As organizations decide when to reopen amid a continued surge in Covid-19 cases, senior leaders need emotional intelligence now more than ever.

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