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Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 Weekly Highlights

Below are a few highlights from this week's Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 update! To review more resources, supports and training recommendations, please visit the Employee Resources - COVID-19 page on MyMohawk.

Health and Wellness

Hamilton Directory of Community Services

Stay connected with this guide to addictions, mental health, youth programs and newcomer services that can be found in the City of Hamilton.







Working from Home

Creating Opportunity in a Stressful Reality

Research shows that occasional periods of high stress can be good for us: it can make us more productive. Some people refer to this as experiencing a state of “flow” or “being in the zone.” The key is to leverage those periods of optimal stress to improve performance and productivity. Using creativity and curiosity during these times can help you navigate stressful and uncertain realities in a productive way. 





Family and Social Connections

Keeping Kids Creative Through the Pandemic

With schools closed and people spending extended periods of time in isolation, sheltering in place, or on lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some additional activities to keep you and your kids busy, engaged and creative. 





Leading in Times of Change and Uncertainty

Panel Discussion: COVID-19 Shatters Deeply Held Work Culture Beliefs

The COVID-19 pandemic forces us to reconsider some of the most strongly held beliefs about our work culture. Leaders are no longer able to fall back on “that’s the way we’ve always approached work.” As we look to reopen businesses and workspaces, organizations must re-evaluate where their employees need to be, how they need to work, and what must be done to keep them productive and safe. In this complimentary webinar, a panel of Gartner experts looks at how our work culture has already changed, what changes are coming, and how to ensure we stay committed to these needed changes.