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Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 Weekly Highlights

Take your working from home learning experience to the next level!

Check out the LinkedIn Learning playlists that are geared towards helping you get the most out of working from home! These playlists contain courses that have been specifically chosen to support you while you balance your work life and personal well-being.

Just log on to Working At Mohawk, click on Learning and select “Learner Home” in the dropdown.

All of the below playlists can be found in the Featured Playlists section.




This playlist contains training that will assist you in taking care of your mind, body and spirit while staying healthy at home.

Click here for the Health and Wellness Playlist




This playlist will help you find new ways to connect with others as we physically distance.

Click here for the Family and Social Connections Playlist




This playlist is here to help put you in the best position to help those who depend on you.

Click here for the Leading in Times of Change and Uncertainty Playlist




Finding an ideal workspace, connecting with teams, learning new technology and coping with some of challenges of either being alone or surrounded by family are a few of the topics identified in this playlist that can assist with new work practices.

Click here for the Working from Home Playlist


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