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12 North American Teams, including McMaster-Mohawk, Selected for the Battery Workforce Challenge

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Powering the electric vehicle sector of the future starts with innovative public-private partnerships between industry, government and academia, driving technology advancement through training and skills development. In response, the United States Department of Energy, Stellantis, and the Argonne National Laboratory have established the Battery Workforce Challenge collegiate competition, involving 12 universities and partnering vocational schools - including a team from Mohawk College and McMaster University. 

Students will learn valuable project management, communications, teamwork and problem-solving skills that will provide them an unparalleled educational experience and ready them for careers in the battery industry.  They will participate in workshops in Winter 2024 and will have their first competition in Spring 2024. 

Auto Blog - Empowering Emerging Engineers for the EV World: 12 North American Teams of Universities and Vocational Schools Selected for the Battery Workforce Challenge