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Enterprise System Strategy

Introduction and where to go for more information

Mohawk's Enterprise System Strategy (ESS) is resetting the course for information technology at the college. It is being driven by changes in technology, in particular digitization, and the need for the college to keep pace with these changes to gain competitive advantage and continue to differentiate itself in higher education.

The ESS is part of the college’s business plan for the 2020-2021 and a dedicated ESS program team will keep employees informed and up to date throughout the program.

Get involved and stay informed.

The ESS Program team will be looking to engage with faculty and staff on the effectiveness, capabilities and accuracy of current IT and business systems. The plan is to implement the changes in small increments. It is being done this way to keep the momentum going and build confidence in the solutions that are central to the approach.

Changes to systems will be planned, scheduled, and seamlessly integrated into business areas, including any required training. The team will be reaching out to employees for input and feedback, and will provide regular updates, lessons learned, and what is required going forward.

Stay connected.

To keep you informed and engaged, the ESS team has created a MyMohawk page (MyMohawk – Employee tab – Enterprise System Strategy) that has information on the general strategic approach, roadmap, regular program progress updates, and a channel for providing any feedback. In addition, you will see periodic updates on Inside Mohawk.

The ESS will position the college for success over the long-term with modern and digitally-enabled systems to significantly improve a student’s experience. Students and employees will directly benefit from easy-to-use, integrated, secure and best-in-class systems resulting in connected internal and partner networks and secure integration services.