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Enterprise Systems Strategy Update – October 2020

Mohawk College’s Enterprise Systems Strategy (ESS) is changing how the college approaches information technology. The ESS will position the college for success over the long-term with modern and digitally-enabled systems that will significantly improve the student experience. Students and employees will directly benefit from easy-to-use, integrated, secure and best-in-class systems resulting in connected internal and partner networks and secure integration services.

This month’s ESS update highlights projects that are complete or underway and provides a summary of upcoming projects that employees will hear more about in the coming weeks.

Projects currently underway or complete:

eduroamVisitor Access (eVA)

eduroamVisitor Access (eVA) was launched this year. It is a secure, world-wide roaming access service that was developed for the international research and education community. eVA allows staff and students from participating schools to connect to free wireless internet when visiting eVA locations. The service is available in more than 100 countries and 17,000 different locations including Mohawk’s Fennell, Stoney Creek and IAHS campuses.

eVA Benefits:

  • Mohawk employees can use eVA to register their own guests for Wi-Fi accounts eliminating the need to contact IT for Wi-Fi accounts.
  • Reduces the number of temporary wifi access identities provided to guests.
  • Accounts can be automatically closed after a set period of time.
  • Administrator maintain full control over access to the college’s wifi system.

Banner Document Management (BDM)

Banner Document Management (BDM) was rolled out to the first group of users in the Registrar’s Office this July and is now being extended to include the Continuing Education and International Education teams. BDM is an enterprise-wide electronic document management system that provides users with quick, easy storage and click-through access to documents. BDM will significantly reduce paper dependency, while saving time and money, and eliminating the need to store documents. It will also greatly improve efficiency, service quality and accuracy across the college.

Upcoming projects:

Digital Wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding - Mohawk will be launching a new Digital Wayfinding system to provide customized wayfinding for students, employees and guests. The system will help users navigate campus through their mobile phones and will display messaging based on the time of day. Users will also be able to access things such as available services and hours of operation, and all of the information provided will be available in multiple languages. The mobile platform is expected to launch by January 2021. The project team is evaluating how on-campus kiosks could be incorporated in the future.

Destiny One for CE Modernization

Destiny One is an enterprise grade system to enable a simple, modern user experience for Continuing Education students. The system will improve Mohawk’s ability to increase CE student enrolment and implement effective conversion strategies, while also mitigating operational and technology risk for the college. Destiny One will provide students with intuitive, multi-channel mobile and web interfaces and simplified payment processing to select and register for CE courses. The Destiny One assessment engaged key stakeholders to identify the configuration of a system necessary to meet Mohawk’s requirements. With the assessment complete, implementation of Destiny One is now moving forward with an expectation for a fall 2021 launch.

Enterprise System Replacement – Summit

Summit is a collection of custom-built legacy Access databases that are used to collect scheduling and academic workload data. The databases are used to create Standard Workload Forms (SWFs) and to feed scheduling requirements into the scheduling and registration system. The college will be doing an assessment of these systems to determine if they can be decommissioned and replaced with a new system for scheduling and faculty workload planning.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that provides a complete picture of the college’s key constituent groups, including students, alumni, employers, donors and partners. Implementing one or a combination of CRM tools would improve how the college interacts with and manages these groups. For students, the CRM will support student success and retention efforts by covering the full student life cycle from recruitment to graduation. CRM tools for partners, employers and donors will provide a comprehensive view of the college’s relationships with these groups, enabling all areas of the college to be more constituent-focused. The project is currently gathering information from CRM solutions vendors which will be used to develop a detailed, multi-year plan for a full Enterprise CRM implementation.

Banner Communication Management (BCM)

Banner Communication Management (BCM) and Envoke are enterprise mass communication tools that will help departments provide a consistent and engaging experience to the end-user by standardizing and personalizing the mass communications that the end-user receives, among other features. Departments will be provided an onboarding guide and training to understand the process and tools. Currently, more than eight departments are in the progress of onboarding either BCM or Envoke. As part of this process, Mohawk College will decommission redundant tools.

For more information on the Enterprise Systems Strategy please visit the ESS page on MyMohawk (MyMohawk – Employee tab – Enterprise System Strategy). The page includes information on the general strategic approach, roadmap, regular program progress updates, and a channel for providing any feedback.

Watch for the ESS Success stamp on successfully completed projects.