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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | Learning Opportunities

Mohawk’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Commitments are an ongoing priority and all employees have been encouraged to begin working on addressing the goals. One such goal under the commitment “Strengthen Inclusive Competencies”, is to develop equity, diversity and inclusion training for employees to advance competency levels in EDI. We formally began this work in February 2020, with foundational courses focused on moving the College along the continuum of inclusivity by identifying, understanding and implementing human rights, equity, diversity and inclusion strategies, principles and processes into day-to-day work.

Each course builds on the other in terms of knowledge, skills and leadership and identifies promising practices in equity and inclusivity across organizations and sectors. The training offers opportunities to engage with peers, how to practically apply concepts and engage in self-reflection throughout the series.

We are offering these courses to all employees and the first course (EDI 101) is a prerequisite to the other courses.

All sessions have been posted to the Working at Mohawk Events Calendar. You must register and complete EDI 101 (course one) first, in order to participate in the second course. Please note class sizes are limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

How to Register:

  1. Go to the Working at Mohawk Events Calendar
  2. Click on the session name
  3. Select “Request”

The course schedule is listed below:

  • Course 1: EDI 101 – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | January 7, January 13
  • Course 2: Inclusion at Mohawk | January 8, January 15, January 21
  • Course 3: Recognizing and Mitigating Unconscious Bias | January 22, January 27

Please contact professionaldevelopment@mohawkcollege.ca for any questions.