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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | Learning Opportunity | July 8 & July 9

In February, the College offered foundational courses focused on moving the College along the continuum of inclusivity by identifying, understanding and implementing human rights, equity, diversity and inclusion strategies, principles and processes into day-to-day work.

Each course builds on the other in terms of knowledge, skills and leadership and identifies promising practices in equity and inclusivity across organizations and sectors. The training offers opportunities to engage with peers, how to practically apply concepts and engage in self-reflection throughout the series.

We are now offering these courses virtually. The first course (EDI 101) is a prerequisite to the other courses.

Course 1: EDI 101 - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | July 8 | 9am-12pm

In this session, you will become acquainted with the terminology associated with equity, diversity and inclusion work. It is important that the course begins with a foundation in terminology so that we can communicate with a common language. While this may seem basic or elementary to some, it is the springboard upon which any other learning related to equity, diversity and inclusion, rest. The session considers the EDI context in Canada, including the legislative framework, and then specific to Mohawk College. Participants have an opportunity to consider their own personal identities and how those impact and are impacted by working at Mohawk College.

Course 2: Inclusion at Mohawk | July 9 | 9am-12pm

This course provides an understanding of the ways in which Mohawk College has advanced along the continuum of inclusion as an organization. Participants will consider Mohawk’s history and identify specific policies and procedures that have been put into place, throughout the years, in order to ensure Mohawk provided a safe space for everybody on campus. Further, participants will consider Mohawk’s current and future commitments to equity and inclusion, and their responsibilities therein. 

To register for the above sessions, please visit the Events Calendar using My Learning.

Contact professionaldevelopment@mohawkcollege.ca for any questions. Future offerings will be coming soon and posted to the Working at Mohawk Events Calendar.