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Everyday Heroes for August 2021

Congratulations to our most recent recipients

Peggy Daniel responds to being recognizedFor regularly collaborating with Accessible Learning Services to support students using assistive technologies to demonstrate essential learning outcomes of the Office Administration Program, Peggy Daniel is a Mohawk College Everyday HeroShe has helped the ALS team implement assistive technology to help students achieve learning competencies in ways that fit the students' differing abilities. Peggy even took the time to learn the technology herself, so she could understand it from the students' perspective.










For her deep commitment to the teaching and learning process and continuously striving to develop innovative teaching tools that promote student and faculty success, Professor Lisa Pender is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. In recent years, Lisa assumed co-course coordinator duties for First Year Foundations course in the Liberal Studies Department, a course delivered college-wide to build the analytical, creative, and practical skills of students. Lisa was selected to participate in the Instructional Skills Workshop Certificate program, an intensive multi-institutional professional development series designed to enhance teaching effectiveness. Also, most recently, Lisa partnered with the Digital Wellness Institute to run a series of Digital Wellness webinars for students and faculty at the college.