21:26 PM

Everyday Heroes for January 2021

Congratulations to our most recent recipients


For going above and beyond to provide exceptional HR support the teams that she works with, Sarah Post is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. As a Human Resources Consultant, Sarah uses her expertise to provide HR guidance and support to various departments at the college, including the Stoney Creek campus and Retail Services. She is considered an integral part of the management team, and during the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has gone above and beyond to ensure her teams receive the support they need. Sarah will always take your call, email, or text, and she works tirelessly to support and share her knowledge. She is honest, insightful and supportive, and she is always willing to walk through different scenarios or just simply listen. Mohawk College is lucky to have Sarah as part of the team.


For his passion and commitment to helping students succeed, Jacques Heri Soares Da Silva is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Jacques is always very friendly and welcoming to students and staff at the college. It's clear that he's passionate about helping students achieve success and have positive experiences during their time at Mohawk. Jacques not only goes above and beyond to connecting students to the academic resources they need, but also he works hard to connect them with their peers and to encourage them to engage with the Mohawk Community. Jacques hosts frequent workshops and student group advising sessions. He ensures that students gain recognition for joining non-academic experiences outside the classroom. He also works hard to create valuable connections with other staff and departments, and has been a rock star when it comes to collaborating with the Student Life Department to use virtual student engagement forums to help students build their knowledge of resources and their Co-Curricular Record. In just one month, Jacques helped more than 20 students gain CCR recognition. Thank you to Jacques for always putting students first.

Everyone who works at Mohawk College is eligible to be nominated for an Everyday Hero Award. Nominate someone today, visit: https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/employees/employee-recognition/mohawk-everyday-hero