17:04 PM

Everyday Heroes for June 2019

Congratulations to our most recent recipients.

For working hard to create a welcoming, encouraging, and inspiring campus community, Claire Webber is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Claire passes on her positive and hard-working attitude to everyone she meets. She excels at creating an environment where each person wants to do their best for their peers. An example is the recognition Claire gives students who go above and beyond. She set up a Student Leader photo shoot where student leaders get their picture taken with items that showcase their hobbies and interests, and then sit down with Claire to prepare a brief bio that is shared with other students through social media. This small gesture inspires other students to follow the example of their student leaders. Claire does a phenomenal job of promoting student leadership throughout Mohawk College. By recognizing students who take the time to help and inspire others, Claire is making a positive and lasting impact on the college.

Everyone who works at Mohawk College is eligible to be nominated for an Everyday Hero Award. Nominate someone today, visit: https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/employees/employee-recognition/mohawk-everyday-hero