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Everyday Heroes for June 2022

Each month Mohawk Everyday Hero awards are given out to college faculty and staff who go above and beyond to make Mohawk an even better place to work. Know someone who works at Mohawk and makes a difference? Submit a Mohawk Everyday Hero nomination at www.mohawkcollege.ca/everydayhero.

Congratulations to the following recipients:


For going above-and-beyond to ensure a smooth registration process for Continuing Education students, Barbara Reynolds is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Barb was instrumental in getting the college’s new Destiny One Registration system for Continuing Education up and running. Throughout the implementation of this system, she provided continuous updates to the Continuing Education team always going above-and-beyond to ensure the best possible experience for students. The project took many months of dedicated commitment to bring to fruition. Some examples of the way Barb supported her team include providing a step-by-step guide to the configurations you need to complete inside Destiny One, creating a Web Registration Teams site that explains all the new functionality of Destiny One and Program Web Pages directions and instructions to assist staff for a seamless transition.


For always going the extra mile to ensure students receive the necessary funding for their academic journey, Katrina Bryce is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Katrina is collaborative and innovative in the way she matches students with specific awards, a process that can be very difficult and time-consuming to complete. Yet, Katrina does it without complaint and always puts students first. She continually identifies ways to better profile financial opportunities for our students. A Mohawk Alumni, in the role of Awards Officer, Katrina truly demonstrates that at Mohawk College students and learning really are at the heart of all we do, and the team she works with feels privileged to work with someone who is truly passionate about our students needs.


For always going above-and-beyond for his colleagues and customers at the campus store, Brandon Rodriguez is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Brandon is hardworking and genuine, always willing to assist with any challenges that arise. At the Campus store, the team is committed to helping students achieve their goals and no one does that better than Brandon. He is always patient and takes pride in providing amazing customer service. Any student who deals with Brandon leaves our stores feeling confident that they have the proper resources for success. Brandon always brings an upbeat infectious positivity into the workplace. He can often be found singing and dancing in Buy the Book while processing student orders.


For her can-do attitude and positive demeanor, Alexandra Culp is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. When Alexandra joined the HR Department, she quickly established herself as a supportive team member that is always ready to take on new projects and initiatives.  Alexandra sets and meets the highest level of client service standards and takes initiative to support her colleagues whenever possible. She knows how to anticipate the needs of others and is always looking for efficiencies and improvements that will make a positive impact on Human Resources procedures and the employee experience. Alexandra has been instrumental in the college asset audit in HR, as well as the enhancement of employee onboarding procedures.  She is the first point of contact in HR and represents the team with a friendly demeanor, professionalism, integrity, respect and empathy. 


For his humble nature and the way he inspires confidence in others, Kyle Raymer is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. As a Programmer Analyst supporting the Enterprise Systems Strategy (ESS), Kyle has made invaluable contributions to many projects that are transforming the way the college supports student success. Kyle played an instrumental role in the Destiny One project, which replaced the registration system for Continuing Education in March 2022. He ensured every aspect of the student experience was considered during the development, testing, launch, and post implementation phases of the project. With and attitude of “everything is possible” and a thorough knowledge of the Mohawk technology ecosystem, Kyle brought forward many creative solutions to complex issues being tackled by both internal and external experts. He never turned away from a challenge and took it upon himself to learn as much about our business needs as possible coming forward with possible risks and solutions and bringing numerous benefits to students and staff. As a colleague, Kyle is a collaborative team player who focuses on customer service and responsiveness without compromising on quality.


For his dedication, commitment, positivity and enthusiasm, Jason Spittles is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. As a solution architect on the ESS team, and in particular for the Destiny One CE Registration project, Jason Spittles is highly deserving of an Everyday Hero Award and is a true asset to the college. From his in depth business knowledge of the college’s higher ed systems, to his highly developed technical skills, Jason is a rare individual who can bridge both worlds and communicate complex information. He has a rare and unique ability to communicate highly technical concepts to others who are non-technical, and always strives to understand deeply the input of others. As an individual, Jason is warm and friendly, extremely positive, enthusiastic and incredibly committed.  He inspires those around him to be focused and creative, and to find solutions that enable them to achieve their goals. 


For always being the first to step forward to help with a project or join a committee, Allison Sinclair is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Allison is always the first to volunteer for a committee or new initiative. An Excel guru, she has been responsible for tracking the college's PPE inventory throughout the pandemic, helping to ensure Mohawk was proactive in its response to the ever-changing crisis. She is tireless in her commitment to helping her colleagues, and is quick to respond with assistance and advice, no matter how busy her schedule gets.


For the incredible support she provides to the Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery project at Mohawk and beyond, Adrienne Madden is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. As the staff person assigned to the Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) project since its inception in 2020, Adrienne is a powerhouse. C2R2 is an important component of Mohawk’s leadership in supporting government, climate action and recovery. At this stage, only a handful of staff have been involved in the project, and Adrienne has taken a strong position in support of it. She is always very proactive and she is a pleasure to work with.


For being someone who makes everyone feel calm and validated and for ensuring no student is ever left behind, Keaghan Cowell is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero.  Keaghan served as a member of the college’s Student COVID-19 Response team throughout the pandemic. On daily basis, she worked with 1-1 with students who were impacted by the pandemic, offering them health service navigation and compassionate support. She also provided direct assistance to those with questions about, or problems with, the college’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements for campus access. Keaghan reviewed thousands of vaccination statuses, and her attention to detail and investigative approach to challenges proved her ability to get to the heart of issues. Keaghan assisted students who were not only struggling mentally and emotionally with the pandemic, but also those who were impacted by the pandemic in other ways. She works day and night to ensure our students and our campus stays healthy and accessible.


For always putting the needs of others first, Bill Steinburg is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Bill is a communications professional that adds value to every discussion. He sees the bigger picture in everything he is involved with at the college, and can always be counted on to bring helpful experience to any discussion. Bill is genuinely humble in his manner, and goes about his business quietly behind the scenes, always thinking about how he can help his colleagues achieve their goals. He is a team member that can be trusted with any assignment, with the best interests of the college and its students, always in mind. Bill is committed to good health, and is a quiet inspiration to others with similar interests.