19:25 PM

Everyday Heroes for March 2020

Congratulations to our most recent recipients

Everyone who works at Mohawk College is eligible to be nominated for an Everyday Hero Award. Nominate someone today, visit: https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/employees/employee-recognition/mohawk-everyday-hero

For always making sure that offices, classrooms and labs are ready when they need to be, Dana Cavarzan is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Dana is a pleasure to work with and is always committed to ensuring that his customers are satisfied with the outcome of their project. He understands the impact he has on facilitating everyone else’s abilities to do their jobs, by having functional offices, classrooms and labs. Dana is often at the college at early or late hours ensuring a project is going as planned and does not hesitate to step in and take on tasks outside of his role to ensure a project is completed, even if that means moving or building furniture himself. Dana's ability to prioritize and balance competing projects across the college, while also dealing with external suppliers is commendable and he is an asset to the college.