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Everyday Heroes for March 2021

Congratulations to our most recent recipients


For always being available to answer questions, provide clarity on process, and make recommendations and get people the answers they need, Elvis Geziqi is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. As a Financial Planning Analyst with the college’s Finance Department, Elvis always takes the time to make sure his team fully understands a situation or process. He can always be counted to provide the information needed when there is a pressing deadline looming and he is always positive, professional and collaborative. Elvis goes above and beyond in every interaction he has with the team and is very deserving of this recognition.

sean coffey

For his dedication to providing prompt, professional expertise and communications best practices to colleagues from a wide variety of academic and administrative areas, Sean Coffey is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. His guidance, as the Communications Coordinator in Public Affairs, is always pleasant and considerate of the audience being addressed. Sean drafts official communication for the college community and assists senior leadership with messages and remarks. The fast pace and continual changes have intensified communication efforts over the past year due to the pandemic. His work has included memos, website copy, signage and training modules, to mention a few of his recent projects. Sean can be counted on to step in with a hand whenever called on. He is an asset to the Public Affairs team and to Mohawk College.


For always thinking of our applicants and students first, Lindsay Nero is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Lindsay always makes it a priority to be connected with both Student Recruitment and Marketing. From the beginning, she has formed strong connections with key individuals that support the messaging and tactics of the registrar’s office. In addition to her daily responsibilities, she takes the time to get involved in recruitment events, but more importantly she takes a proactive approach to managing relationships with our applicants and responding to their inquiries. Lindsay provides input and feedback on communications, develops responses for complex application scenarios and keeps the Marketing and Recruitment teams informed. Her attention to detail, is complimented by her caring nature. She listens and responds to specific questions, and works hard to find solutions. Lindsay consistently makes time to listen, ask the right questions, and then to provide clarification, that assist applicants with pursuing their college dream.


For always going above and beyond to help her peers, faculty and students, Susan Spurr is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Susan's dedication to her colleagues and students was evident during the start-up to the Winter 2021 semester when she spent much of her Christmas holidays working to ensure a smooth start up for apprentices at the Stoney Creek campus. Susan helped redo all of the Apprenticeship training schedules as a result of the new rules set out by the provincial lockdown that began on December 26. This work included manually assigning students to blocks for all Apprenticeship programs and creating manual class lists for each faculty. It was a tremendous amount of work that needed to be done in a very short period of time. This is Susan’s second Everyday Hero Award. She first received the award in 2019. 


For everything he does to support the team at IDEAWORKS, Gregor MacLean is Mohawk College Everyday Hero. As Manager, Funding Proposals Gregor is always on the lookout for opportunities to access funding to the innovative research work of the students and faculty in IDEAWORKS.  Gregor takes the time to understand the projects he supports which makes a significant difference when it comes to securing funding for those projects and ultimately providing valuable work experience for students.


For her enthusiasm and professionalism in supporting applied research, Andrea Johnson is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Andrea is a strong advocate and champion of the applied research at the college. She works hard to foster relationships with industry, build stronger networks for the IDEAWORKS team, and create marketing and communication content to showcase innovative research.

EDH_Reny Malley_March2021

For always being there to help faculty and staff with their questions about the college’s Learning Management System (LMS), Reny Malley is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Reny is a first point of contact for faculty and staff learning to use the LMS. She is always quick to respond and provide accurate information. This was especially helpful to faculty and staff as the transition to the new LMS came at the same time that many courses were forced entirely online due to the pandemic and many were still adjusting to the new system. Reny always returns messages in a friendly and helpful way, not only answering the immediate problem, but also offering advice on contextually important issues that may have been overlooked. She goes above and beyond to ensure students are supported. 






For being a valuable contributor to course design, Amy Cook is an @MohawkCollege Everyday Hero. Amy is a non-teaching faculty member in the Centre for Teaching & Learning who can always be counted on Amy to offer sophisticated feedback and ask the right questions to get to the core issue. In collaboration with her teammates, Amy is committed to working with faculty to develop solutions and never shies away from a challenge. Her intelligence and dedication helps to make her colleagues jobs easier and ensure the college is effectively supporting its students.