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External Resources and Sessions

Live Zoom Demonstrations

Recurring event (Mondays @ 5PM, Tuesdays @ 1PM and 5 PM, Thursdays @ 1PM and 5 PM, and Fridays @ 1PM)

In this info-packed webinar, you will learn the basics of Zoom Meetings and dive into all the must-know features such as calendar integrations, recording, screen sharing, breakout rooms, chat, annotation, and virtual backgrounds.

Best Practices for Securing your Zoom Meetings

November 13, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25 @ 8AM)

Learn tips, safety and security features to maintain control over your meetings and prevent disruptions: how to schedule secure meetings, how to securely invite attendees to join your meetings, in-meeting controls to manage your participants, hosting tips and tricks.

How to Make Your Webinars Stand Out

Wednesday, November 18 @ 4PM

Learn how to create an engaging and memorable experience for participants in your zoom webinars. In this webinar, experts will share tips for hosting successful webinars and making a lasting impact including: tips for standing out in the virtual events space, creating a memorable presentation that makes a splash, delivering a unique experience without a high production AV team’s support.

Colleges Ontario Speaker Series (click links to register)

November 18th The new world in 2021 with Nicholas Thompson

November 19th Building resilience skills for uncertain times

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