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Facility Summer Shut Downs

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Every year Facility Services plans and completes a planned electrical shutdown of electrical substations under a preventative maintenance plan for our campuses. This year, Facility Services is planning the annual electrical substation maintenance on the following dates and campuses:

  1. Fennell Campus July 8th and 9th
  2. Stoney Creek Campus July 15th and 16th

There will be no access to each campus during its shutdown.

Mohawk College receives electricity supply from Alectra Utilities, who will be required to disconnect the power to the Fennell Campus and Stoney Campus to allow our high-voltage contractor, Spark Power, to complete preventative maintenance (inspect, clean, maintain and thermal imaging) our primary switchgear (switching devices that control, protect and isolate power) that provides a continuous flow of power from Alectra Utilities to all areas of the Fennell and Stoney Creek Campuses.

During the two power shutdowns: 

  1. The power shutdown will impact all Fennell and Stoney Creek Campuses areas.
  2. The emergency generators at each campus will run, providing power to essential emergency lighting and devices.
  3. There is very limited power to each campus; therefore, each campus will be closed during the shutdown, with limited access for all staff and students.
  4. Only devices/equipment plugged into a receptacle connected to emergency generator power, that is, the receptacle being fed with power from the emergency generator, will be live.
    1. These receptacles will be labelled accordingly. If you have sensitive equipment and are unsure if the receptacle is on emergency generator power, please contact maintienace@mohawkcollege.ca, and we will follow up with your inquiry.
    2. As several electrical circuits will be without power, we recommend that staff unplug all electronic devices before each shutdown weekend and clear out all fridges.

All IT systems, including network access, will be unavailable, except for www.mohawkcollege.ca, during this scheduled outage at the Fennell campus on July 8th and 9th. Please save the files needed during this timeframe to your local drive. Please Contact Steve Sousa, Manager, IT Infrastructure, steve.sousa2@mohawkcollege.ca if you require any additional information.

After the two power shutdowns:

Following each power shutdown on Monday, if you have any concerns with power to your devices or equipment, please contact our maintenance email at maintenance@mohawkcollege.ca for assistance.

Please share this email with anyone in your teams who the two power shutdowns may impact.

Facility Services understands that being without power is difficult, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience the outages may cause, as preventive maintenance is important in keeping our Mohawk College electrical infrastructure up and running smoothly.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Golka, Manager, Mechanical & Electrical Services, stephen.golka1.@mohawkcollege.ca, or Ed Cipriani, Director, Facility Services, ed.cipriani@mohawkcollege.ca,  and we will be happy to assist.