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Friday Game Day Winner

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Mohawk Announces its February 5th Friday Noon Hour Game Day Winner!

Congratulations to Stephen Jankus for being our Friday, February 5th Friday Noon Hour Game Day Winner!

Stephen beat out more than 30 other contestants, to be crowned the prestigious ‘90's Trivia Winner’. 

Quote from the winner: "I did not enjoy this ‘90s trivia game very much……NOT!!! It was all that and a bag of chips! It was a tight game the whole way, and I got so nervous near the end, that I sweat right through my Hypercolor t-shirt! Hasta la vista, baby!- Stephen Jankus

March 19th Friday Noon Hour Game Day

What does BIG hair, Alf, Air Jordan's, Atari and Big League Chew all have in common? Every "Cool Kid" growing up in the 80's had them or knew them.

Join us on Friday, March 19th as we take a walk down memory lane with gnarly 80's trivia.

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