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Get all the Facts

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Get all the facts.

Understanding the ins and outs of recoding in the classroom can help clarify any issues before they arise.  On on June 13th at 10am join Jessica Lapiwich and Toby Merrit for Recording in the Classroom: Privacy, Intellectual Property, and Academic Accommodations.

“When students have audio or video recording in the classroom as part of their accommodation plan, questions often arise around privacy and intellectual property. This webinar is designed to provide clarity on the rights and responsibilities that surround classroom recording and offers a chance to ask questions of a panel of experts on accommodations, privacy, and copyright.” Toby Merrit, Director, Accessibility and Testing Services

Get the clarification you need during this two-hour virtual webinar and panel discussion. Dan Michaluk, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, will speak to recording and privacy law. Michele Ballagh, Blaze IP, will chat about recording, Copyright law and Intellectual Property rights. And Barbara Roberts, Roberts Solutions, will show the various forms of recording as an academic accommodation.

Three amazing speakers in one incredible 2-hour session.  Don’t miss out.

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