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Micro-credentials set students up for success in the workplace

Mohawk College professors are achieving IBM digital badges and encouraging their students to do the same. 

The college is a key supporter of the IBM Skills Academy, a training institution for IBM software platforms, tools and processes that grants industry-recognized micro-credentials.

The badges signify specialized knowledge in

11 fields, including business process analytics, business intelligence analytics, cyber security, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, and mobile applications.

Explorer badges take between 36 and 54 hours of in-class and self-study hours, followed by an exam. Mastery badges take about six weeks of studying and demonstrated use of the tool, and then one chance to pass an exam.

“As a faculty member, this provided me an opportunity to stay up-to-date and gain new tools and skills after being out of the industry for several years,” said Lisa Cuncic-Pegg, Coordinator and Professor in the Business Analysis program in the McKeil School of Business, who has earned a mastery badge.

“I jumped at it and was supported by Mohawk College. This was learning offered by one of the world’s best tech companies and now I will infuse it into the curriculum and pass it on to students.”

For industry, micro-credentials are reassurance that a new hire is ready to jump right in, without lengthy or expensive training, she says.

The badges will differentiate Mohawk College students, agrees Steven Way, Coordinator and Professor in the Analytics for Business Decision-Making program.

“When a candidate doesn’t have experience, companies are hiring for a specific tool set. Here, they are getting industry-recognized credentials beyond their academics.”