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Get ready for a new and improved MyMohawk! Coming Summer 2023.

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The Enterprise Systems Strategy (ESS) is driving Digital Transformation efforts to prepare Mohawk College for the future. ESS includes various projects that are exploring ways to reduce legacy systems and manual processes, and to modernize with emerging digital technology. The ESS will position the college for success over the long-term with modern and digitally-enabled systems that will directly benefit students and employees. 

MyMohawk Update

MyMohawk is being upgraded to a new platform to provide users with enhanced functionality and a better experience. The new platform will keep the MyMohawk name when it launches this summer in time for the start of the new academic year in September.  

The upgraded MyMohawk will have a more modern look and feel and come with new and improved features. It will be easier to navigate, have a search bar, and allow users to customize the site to their preferences.  

Before the site launches this summer, the Enterprise Systems Strategy team will work with MyMohawk content owners and editors to ensure a seamless transition and arrange training for those who need it.  

The changeover to the new platform will be seamless for all other users. Students and employees are not required to do anything to prepare for the new site.

Please direct any questions to David Lambden, Project Manager at david.lambden@mohawkcollege.ca.  








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This project is supported by the Enterprise Systems Strategy (ESS). Visit ESS on MyMohawk for status updates and to learn about other projects and initiatives.