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Going for Gold - We did It!

Educational Advertising Awards

“It goes to show the quality of the work the team puts together, the amount of thought we put into the content we produce, it is a great honour to be recognized like this, and it shows how strong our team is.” Heather Bridge, Acting Manager, Marketing and Media Strategy.

For almost 40 years, the Educational Advertising Awards competition has recognized the field of educational marketing and advertising. This year, over 2,000 entries were received from over one-thousand colleges, universities, and secondary schools from fifty states, Canada, and other foreign countries.

Judged by a panel of industry specialists for creativity, marketing execution, and message impact. Mohawk received 6 gold awards and 1 silver.

Many competitors use outside advertising agencies to build their marketing campaigns, but Mohawk doesn’t, which Lori Morgan, Chief Marketing and Recruitment Officer, says makes these awards even more special.

“We do this work in-house. The team is a collaborative, creative bunch, taking things to the next level. We build our marketing to engage and recruit, not to win awards, so that’s the beauty of it. We are winning on both sides. To be recognized in so many areas with top honours is humbling.

The team is having fun telling these stories and communicating how incredible Mohawk College is – internally and externally. I couldn’t be prouder.”

One of the gold wins focused on a campaign promoting Mohawk College’s continuing education opportunities. Deborah Konig, Marketing Specialist, Continuing Education, is thrilled with the recognition.

“A lot of continuing education goes on in the background, and we were recognized with gold for a fully integrated campaign, which includes design, radio, tv, eblast – all of the components and how they all work together – many cogs in the huge wheel of marketing. We always look for those pathways to education, so getting the word out to the community gives people that leg up they need. In a survey we did around continuing education, people were thrilled with the CE opportunities, and it was quite touching. A lot of them have said it has changed my life. So, receiving a gold award in this category means even more because it connects people to opportunities. In the survey feedback, someone said, I have got the career I always wanted since coming to Canada, and a single mom could get the education she needed on a part-time basis. Marketing for recruitment, reputation building, it is an integral part of everything we do.”

The marketing team works daily to build the college brand and strengthen its reputation, and it is integrated into everything we do. Heather Bridge, Acting Manager, Marketing and Media Strategy, helps the team stay focused.

“We represent the brand. There is the reputation part of the college, and we make sure that reputation is reflected in our brand in the content that we create, and it is a positive reflection of everybody here at Mohawk. Including employees and students. We try to be friendly and approachable and show the available resources to students so that they feel welcomed and accepted when they come to Mohawk.” 

And they have a lot of fun doing it. Check out the TikTok video, which also won gold at the Educational Advertising Awards.

Links to the 6 Gold Awards are listed here, have a look.

TikTok Content - Still time to apply: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMY7Xua4F/

Special Event Campaign – Open House:

Equity & Diversity Promotion – Muskan finds support for career in skilled trades: https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/about/news/blogs/muskan-finds-support-for-career-skilled-trades

Direct Mail - CE Winter postcard

Integrated Marketing Campaign - Future Ready. Faster. Micro-credentials

Email Marketing - Single or Campaign - Let's make it official


Bottom: Christopher Arndt, Digital Content Specialist, Heather Bridge, Acting Manager, Marketing and Media Strategy, Deborah Konig, Marketing Specialist, Continuing Education

Top: Joanne MacDonald, Marketing Specialist, Lead Generation, Kim Greenholm, Outreach and Education Advisor, Nicole Morino, Director, Marketing & Creative Services

(missing: Emmett Steele)