20:36 PM

Good news for apprenticeship grads

Mohawk becomes first Ontario college to provide apprentices with provincially recognized postsecondary credentials

Hundreds of apprentices graduating from Mohawk College this October will become the first in Ontario to receive a provincially recognized postsecondary credential, in addition to their apprenticeship certificate.

Mohawk is the first Ontario college to offer an Ontario College Certificate to apprentices from 19 skilled trades apprenticeship programs offered by the college. The provincial certification will allow Mohawk graduates to pursue further studies at other Ontario colleges, across Canada and international partner institutions with the assurance that their previous education is recognized. As a result, apprentices will be able to more easily acquire training and certification through post secondary programs throughout their careers.

“This is an important milestone for apprenticeships in Ontario,” said Wayne Ostermaier, Dean of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships at Mohawk. “Apprentices spend a significant amount of time training and preparing to become qualified in their trades. The postsecondary component of that training is key to their success. It is great to be able to formally recognize that training with a provincial credential.”

For more information on skilled trades and apprenticeship training at Mohawk visit: https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/program-theme/skilled-trades-apprenticeship