20:21 PM

Harvest Festival

20221027_HarvestFestivalThe Sustainability Office and the MSA partnered on October 19 to celebrate the harvest season and local food at the annual Harvest Festival.

More than 350 students and staff came out to enjoy free local food including apple cider, Cake and Loaf cookies, and a delicious parsnip apple potato soup that was prepared by the MSA chefs. Participants also played harvest themed games and won prizes.

The event supported more than 15 local farmers. Check out this article in Ignite News to read more about the event! https://ignitenews.mohawkcollege.ca/spooky-activities-at-the-harvest-festival/

For more information about the Sustainability Office local food programs, visit https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/sustainability/local-food

For more information on MSA events, visit https://www.mohawkstudents.ca/things-to-do/events-calendar/