14:28 PM

Hayley Hopkin’s Digital Moment - My Student Journey


In my role as a Student Success Advisor, I am responsible for helping students stay on track per College expectations in a customized way that suits their personal goals and needs. I can’t wait to start using MyStudentJourney!

As a staff member, I am excited to be able to get important information to students in a more timely manner with personalized and automated options. The snapshot of the student journey will allow me, at a glance, to see where the student has touched down prior to connecting with them. This will help me feel more comfortable and confident when supporting a student as I can see if they have already consulted with other services such as ALS or International. I also look forward to using tools that will make note taking and record tracking simple and easy to integrate into my work. From a student perspective, they will benefit from a clearer understanding of who can provide guidance on what specific concerns. There is an easy-to-use next steps model using the To-Do lists which can help students structure what is most important when going through the more “chaotic” times of year.

Mohawk College is implementing a comprehensive CRM solution designed to support all aspects of the student lifecycle. MyStudentJourney will be one centralized hub of student information that will track all student touchpoints, both incoming and outgoing, throughout their entire journey at Mohawk. Our vision is to create an information system that promotes student success, facilitates lifelong learning, and streamlines all points of access for student services and supports throughout the student lifecycle from prospect to alum, while recognizing unique student populations. Coming soon!



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