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Health & Safetly Moment - 9-8-8


Canada’s Suicide Crisis Helpline 9-8-8

If an individual is contemplating or discussing thoughts of suicide or death, or if they have a specific plan to take their own life, it is crucial to reach out for assistance. It's essential to understand that inquiring about someone's suicidal thoughts does not elevate the risk; in fact, asking such questions can pave the way for significant and necessary discussions.

Suicide is a culmination of various intricate factors, and these factors can vary from one person to another. Although it's very difficult to predict who might end their life, signs and behaviours that suggest someone may need help include:


  • depressed
  • that they are a burden
  • like they have no purpose in life or reason for living
  • trapped or that there’s no other way out of a situation
  • hopeless about the future or like life will never get better

Behaviours such as:

  • being agitated
  • changing eating habits
  • changing sleeping habits
  • giving away their possessions
  • increasing substance use, like drugs, alcohol and inhalants
  • withdrawing from family, friends or activities they normally enjoy

CAMH is leading and coordinating the new national rollout of the 9-8-8: Suicide Crisis Helpline, where people across the country can call and text 9-8-8, a three-digit number for suicide prevention. Giving people experiencing thoughts of suicide, or people worried about someone else, an accessible and easy number to call when they need urgent care. The support is trauma-informed, culturally appropriate, is available in English and French, 24/7, 365 days a year to any individual experiencing a crisis.

What to expect when you reach a 9-8-8 responder:

  • They will listen. The person you connect to will listen with compassion and without judgement, and give you space to talk.
  • They will engage with empathy. Whatever you are going through, they want to understand.
  • They will support you. 9-8-8 responders can help you explore ways to create safety when things are overwhelming.

For information go to: https://988.ca/