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Health & Safetly Moment - Distracted Driving

What is distracted driving?

When you are not focused on the road, bad things can happen fast. Using phone to talk or text, operating a GPS, and eating or reading while you are behind the wheel are distractions. These actions put you and others at risk.  

Anything that takes full attention away from driving is distraction such as :

Physical distraction: which cause to take your eyes or attention off the road

Psychological Distraction: are things you are feeling or thinking about that take your mind off the task of driving

In Ontario tougher penalties on distracted driving came into effect on Jan 1, 2019. For a first offense, drivers may be fined up to 1000$, lose their license for three days and receive three demerit points.Distracted Driving

How to avoid distraction?

  • Limit Distraction: never take personal devices such as iPod, mobile, headphones. Follow company policy when using company issued portable electronic devices
  • Drive Defensively: important to aware of other drivers who may be distracted. Being aware of those around you can help you drive defensively and protect yourself. Report unsafe driving in the workplace to your supervisor.
  •  Make a commitment: Making a commitment to yourself, your company, and your family not to drive distracted can keep you accountable for your actions.

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