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Health & Safety - Ladders

Ladder safety

What is Ladder safety?

Falls from ladders are common to all trades and pose one of the most serious safety problems. Each year on average more than 300 lost- time injuries are caused by falls from ladder in the Ontario. 

How to avoid ladder injuries?

•       Inspection and Maintenance: These will increase the useful life of ladders and reduce the number of incidents. Repairs should be carried out by manufacturer of the ladders. Ladders found to be defective should be taken out of service and tagged for repair. Once tagged, the ladder must not be used until repaired.

•       Check the ladder for defects at the start of the day.

•       Ensure the areas surrounding the base and top of the ladder are clear of trash, materials and other obstructions.

•       Set up the ladder on a firm, level surface. If its base is to rest on soft, uncompacted or rough soil, use a mud sill.

•       Avoid climbing up or down a ladder while carrying anything in your hands. Tools, equipment and materials should be placed in a container.