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Health & Safety Moment - Fall Safety

Fall leaves

Yard Work Safety – Fall

As we embrace the beauty of fall and engage in yard work, it's crucial to prioritize safety. The autumn season brings unique challenges and hazards that require our attention. Let's take a moment to discuss key safety tips to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience during fall yard work

1. Weather Awareness:

Fall weather can be unpredictable. Be mindful of changing conditions, including wet leaves and slippery surfaces. Check the weather forecast before starting yard work and plan accordingly. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the conditions.

2. Proper Equipment Use:

Ensure all tools and equipment are in good working order before use. Follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance. Use tools for their intended purpose, and exercise caution when operating machinery such as leaf blowers and chainsaws. Always use personal protective equipment, including gloves and safety glasses.

3. Leaf and Debris Removal:

When raking leaves or removing debris, be mindful of body mechanics. Bend at the knees, not the waist, and switch tasks frequently to avoid strain. Use ergonomic tools to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Bag or pile leaves in a way that minimizes tripping hazards.

4. Ladder Safety:

If using a ladder for tasks like gutter cleaning or tree pruning, follow proper ladder safety guidelines. Place the ladder on stable ground, use the three-point contact method, and never overreach. Have someone else present if possible, and never use a ladder in adverse weather conditions.

5. Pest and Wildlife Awareness:

Fall is a time when certain pests and wildlife may be more active. Be cautious when reaching into bushes or tall grass, and wear appropriate protection to prevent bites or stings. Familiarize yourself with the potential hazards in your area.

6. Hydration and Rest:

Engaging in yard work can be physically demanding. Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly, and take breaks to rest and avoid fatigue. Listen to your body and don't overexert yourself. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention.