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Health & Safety Moment - Hotel Safety

Hotel safety

With the holidays approaching, you may or may not be travelling. It’s important to stay safe when using accommodations such as hotels. These tips will help guide you in your safety:

Research where you’re staying

  • Make sure it’s safe and comfortable
  • If the front desk is staffed 24 hours a day, if not, what the security measure are
  • Look at google street view to see the hotel, neighbouring business and streets, bus lines, etc.

Keep One Hand on Your Luggage

  • Car, Van or Tai to the front desk, there may be people who are watching your luggage more closely than you
  • Take your own luggage into the hotel and keep it beside you with one hand.

Do Not Book a Room on The Ground Floor

  • Rooms on the first floor are easily broken into
  • Request a room on the higher floors but no higher than the 6th floor in case of a fire
  • Try to avoid rooms near vending or ice machines. As they are known for dark corners where criminals are known to be more frequently

Use The Hotel Safe or Your Own Security System

  • Ensure the safe in the room is secure and safe to use prior to putting your belongings in
  • Place valuable documents such as your passport, extra money, electronics and jewellery.
  • Use a code you’ll remember

Door Safety

  • Never prop your door open
  • Pull the door shut behind you
  • Keep your door locked at all times
  • Leave your room as if you are there

-       Tv on quietly, do not disturb sign on the door, leave on a light

Know Emergency Exit Plan In the event Of An Emergency

•       Take the time to find the exits

•       Count the number of doors between your room and the exit.

•       Make sure the exits are unlocked.

•        If they are locked, report it to management right away.

•       Keep your room key by your bed and take it with you if there is a fire.

Wi-Fi Awareness

  • Hotel Wi-Fi is not secure, use a VPN when you are using any public Wi-Fi
  • Use a USB data blocker when charging your phone or tablet