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Health & Safety Moment - MSD's and Back Care

MSDs are injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They are caused or aggravated by various hazards or risk factors in the workplace.

Back Care


Symptoms of MSDs May include the following; 

•        Numbness or a burning sensation in the hand 

•        Reduced grip strength 

•        Swelling or stiffness in the joints 

•        Reduced range of motion in the shoulder, neck or back  Aching or tingling 

•        Cramping  Weakness  Tension, stress, headaches and related ailments 

•        Eye irritation or blurred vision



What can you do? 

•        Lift smart  use correct body mechanics, neutral spine, flex abdominals

•        Keep load close, don’t twist –move feet 

•        Modify Height - Raise or lower work surface  

•       Reduce Effort- Ask for help! Plan the route  

•       Use the right tools  

•       Use appropriate lifting devices to assist with load

Know how to adjust your workstation  

•       Make the correct adjustments to your chair  

•       Adjust the keyboard, monitor height, and distance  

•       When doing a lot of mouse activity try to alternate between left & right hand use  

•       Think of what data entry device you use most frequent & locate it in a neutral position